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Casual shirts

With our casual collection we have also covered you for informal occasions. Our casual plain weave fabrics exude luxury in simplicity.

L14 - Linen
L14 - Linen £79  
L8 - Linen
L8 - Linen £79  
P44 - Chambray Jeans-Look
P44 - Chambray Jeans-Look £69  
P45 - Chambray Jeans-Look
P45 - Chambray Jeans-Look £69  
K2 - Knitted
K2 - Knitted £79  
K3 - Knitted
K3 - Knitted £79  
P1 - Pima Plain Weave
P1 - Pima Plain Weave £69  
P18 - Pima Plain Weave
P18 - Pima Plain Weave £69  


Things don’t get any lighter than linen. Known as the most stylish fabric for summer, Linen is both strong and airy. The more you wash this classic, the more comfortable it gets.


An upcoming fabric in the denim segment is Chambray, a fabric that looks somewhat like denim and is often confused with the classic jeans fabric. Chambray can be described as irregularly colored fabric in a plain, flat weave. It has a fine cotton structure, at times with a slight shine.


The fabrics from our "Knitted collection" are made from 100% cotton and have a geometric pique pattern. They combine the convenience of a polo shirt with the visual luxury of a business shirt.


There’s something special about Pima. Despite being soft and comfy, this fabric is also very durable. Woven from long-fibre cotton, Pima is a lasting and easy-care choice.


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