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Frequently asked questions


  • How does a measuring appointment work?
    Contact a member of our team to arrange a measuring appointment at your home or place of work, during the appointment we create a an online account for you and take your nine body measurements – this process takes around 15 minutes.

    We bring our range of more than 120 fabrics; allowing you to see and experience the quality. Once you have chosen a fabric we will help you select every detail of the shirt by using the unique shirt design configurator on our website.


  • What quality can I expect?
    All our fabrics are made from premium two-ply 100% cotton, complete with a special finish which makes them comfortable, luxurious and easy to iron.

    While high street tailors may use same quality fabrics to make their hand-made shirts, they can be more than twice the price of ours. But our concept with online ordering in place of expensive high street shops - means we can offer premium quality tailored shirts at more reasonable prices.

    Your shirt will be hand-made at our ShirtbyHand Production Company in Vietnam where our team has wide-ranging professional tailoring experience. Our quality manager checks each shirt for attention to detail - size and finish - before sending it to us. And twice a year an external quality control specialist reviews our processes to help us constantly improve.


  • How do I get measured?
    Home and office appointments can be arranged at a suitable time and location. At the appointment a member of our team will take the nine body measurements required to make your shirt. This appointment is free of charge and can be arranged by calling 01786 815289 or by submitting an appointment request by clicking here.
  • How can I change my measurements?
    If you would like to update your measurements please call or email us and we will update your online account for you. Small changes can be made over the phone but if you feel your measurements have changed significantly, we recommend arranging an appointment to have these taken again, and once this is completed you can proceed with a new order.
  • Is it possible to order with out having my measurements taken?
    We offer free measuring appointments but if for any reason this is not possible you can order your shirt based on a standard collar size. To do this select ‘Start designing’ on the homepage, choose your fabric then select ‘Standard size’. Whether you choose tailor-made or standard size, the price of the shirt will stay the same.


  • How often do designs change?
    Because our fabrics come from one of the most renowned suppliers in The Netherlands, in addition to our range of 50 classic fabrics, we offer a wide range of seasonable designs throughout the year.

Company shirts

  • Do you make corporate shirts?
    Yes, we also make corporate shirts with or without a company logo. For instance you can order uniform shirts for the office, company events, trade exhibitions etc.. You can customize the shirts to suit your company image and any logo can be incorporated into the shirt's design. Once a design is agreed on we send you a sample shirt to determine whether you are happy to proceed with a full order. Regarding measurements, you can choose from either tailor-made, standard size or a combination of both.

    If you have any questions or specific requirements that are not available on our website such as buttons, extra stitching or special fabrics. Please contact us by email info@shirtbyhand.co.uk or call 01786 815289.


  • Where are the shirts made?
    In 2009 we established the Shirtbyhand production company in Hanoi Vietnam. Owning our own production company enables us to produce the same quality shirts as a small and highly skilled tailor while allowing us to manage every aspect of the business form quality control, production capacity and recruitment.
  • Is ShirtbyHand a socially responsible company?
    Social responsibility is one of our key core values. From start to finish, our shirt-making process is in-house which means we manage and control working practices and conditions. Our team in Vietnam enjoys excellent working conditions and works a 45-hour week this includes paid overtime.
    Salaries are 20% higher than the industry standard. By offering such excellent working conditions and competitive salaries we attract the best talent in the region.

    If you find yourself in Hanoi someday you are more than welcome to visit our factory, we can offer you a refreshing cup of coffee made in the traditional way using sweetened milk and ice!

Shipping & Returns

  • What is your Shipping and Return policy?

    All shirts are delivered to your door within 3 weeks. If you have any complains about your shirt or sizes, let us know. We will always make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your order.


  • Which payment methods are available?

    At ShirtbyHand you can use any of the payment types listed here: Mastercard, American Express and Visa.

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