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Light as linen

  • 1-5-2017 15:33:04
  • Light as linen

Enjoying those long days lately? We most certainly have, and we’re celebrating with the drop of a renewed product! Wholeheartedly embracing slow evenings filled with soft sunlight, fresh drinks and good conversation, it’s time to get to know ShirtbyHand linen.

Let in the light
As spring makes its big return, so does a welcome burst of warmth and light. Private and professional appointments are relocated; moving away from the office or yet another coffee bar to the comfortable confines of terraces around the city. Spring fever is getting its pleasant grip on each and everyone – asking for a professional but comfortable new look. That’s why we are happy to bring back ShirtbyHand linen, a reintroduction of light and timeless elegance.

Let in the linen
The enduring appeal of linen has various reasons. First of all, the open structure of the thin fabric, which is woven from the fibres of the flax plant, enables it to absorb and breathe. No matter the temperature of your environment or body, you’ll always feel dry and comfy. It’s little surprising that linen is known for its cool and comfortable touch. Additionally, the fabric – which dates back to ancient times – is extremely durable, causing your shirts to last season in, season out.

Summer comfort
For this year’s sunny season, we have given our linen shirts a noticeable new twist. Fabricating them with a softer interlining, the collars of all our linen shirts have become softer and thus even more convenient to wear. When summer asks for elegance, you can now dress up but feel relaxed at the very same time. Still wondering how to properly pull off the linen look? Transport yourself to the streets of Italy for the greatest, endless source of inspiration.

Summer style
Considering that ‘spring’ and ‘summer’ add up to ‘holiday season’, we felt there might be a more urgent need to update your wardrobe. So go ahead and book that last-minute measuring appointment; if you request an appointment today, we guarantee we will stop by at your house or office within two weeks. On top of that, we’re introducing two entirely new shirts for you to choose from, whatever your taste or preference. Hello summer style!

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