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About our shirts

  • 4-4-2017 16:37:26
  • About our shirts

When asked what makes ShirtbyHand special, the first thing that usually comes to mind is of course the way we do things (differently). We travel to you to get your measurements on location, so you can create the custom shirt you’ve always wanted. However, there’s much more to us. In fact, this is what makes our shirts the ideal product.

Fit is everything
Each of our shirts is custom-made according to your posture, and fabricated by hand to align your preferences. Based on the nine measurements we take of your body, we guarantee the perfect fit. Whichever style you prefer for whichever occasion, the collars of our shirts are firmly cut according to modern dress codes, so they’ll embrace your neck comfortably in all the right places. After all, fit is everything.

Feel the fabric
Using only the finest materials, our shirts are made of 100% cotton with a durable two-ply weave, following a process of making threads by twisting multiple yarns for an extra strong texture. Additionally, we are always sourcing and testing new fabrics, and set a higher-than-usual quality standard by applying 7 stitches per centimeter. The careful attention we pay to detail is both visible and sensible.

Durable details
At ShirtbyHand we strongly believe that great style and great quality go hand in hand. That’s why the buttons on our shirts are securely attached and made entirely of mother-of-pearl. Furthermore, an English seam gracefully marks the sides of our shirts. This elegant border allows a soft touch, and makes the subtle seam feel virtually seamless to your skin.

Forte finish
Properly keeping a shirt should be easy and efficient at all times. Due to their special finish, our shirts are easily ironed, nourished or even packed in a suitcase for a long journey – so even when your shirt takes a punch, there’s no reason to worry. Bringing together style, quality, comfort, convenience and durability, we’re completely set to create your custom shirt. Book your free measuring appointment today, start designing, and be sure to check your mailbox within three weeks.

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