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Feeling blue

  • 11-1-2017 15:12:38

Now that 2016 is officially a part of our history books, we hope you’re off to a flying start. But we also understand that the first few months of the New Year can be somewhat intimidating. The festive sound of the Holidays has been replaced by the sound of 2017 – and perhaps a hangover or two – but the world out there is still cold and frightful. Ready for the next chapter? No worries; we’ve got your back.

January Blues
Whether you like them or not, the January Blues are an undeniable fact. Officially defined as “the funk you enter when the Holiday season is over”, this unpleasant state of mind tends to last from the beginning of January until the beginning of February. The good times have been replaced by office hours, and “back to work” is the tune you now have to dance to. At ShirtbyHand, we like to see the sunny side of things – despite the dreary weather. This is why.

The warmest colour

Sure, we feel a little blue too these days. But let’s think positive, and imagine how many great things 2017 can bring. However, there’s another reason why we’re not afraid of the blues; at ShirtbyHand we think blue stands for much more than melancholia. It’s the colour of eyes, oceans and even music – it is, in fact, the warmest colour. And, may we add, it’s the colour of some of our favourite shirts.

Back to work
Turning negatives into positives, January has us feeling inspired by an unlikely place: your everyday office. Rather than seeing the start of the year as a gloomy comedown, we’re embracing 2017 with an all-blue month, shining a spotlight on our best and bluest offers. Our kind of office is not a grey and lifeless place. Instead, it’s a creative space for fresh ambition, success, and dressing accordingly.

Happy New Year
Offered in various shades and fabrics, we offer blue shirts (the good-looking kind) in various types. So just in case your sizes have changed a little over the Holidays, you haven’t ordered in a while, or this is your first ShirtbyHand experience, we recommend booking a free appointment. We will drive to your home or office, and take your measurements right there.  After that you’re ready to design your own shirts and face the pressure of another beautiful year. Cheers to that!

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