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Evening Affair

  • 6-12-2016 9:51:56
  • Evening Affair

There’s no way around it: this holiday season, you’re once again going to spend countless evenings at family dinners, bars, and perhaps even a ball or two. But what’s an evening affair without the right shirt? For many, that’s where an unhealthy dose of stress comes in. With ShirtbyHand eveningwear, the right shirt is simply the start of a great night. And may we promise: no stress at all.

Timeless tables
Whether you’re looking at still lifes from the 16th century, showing beautiful households and dramatic dinner tables, or enjoying Vincent Van Gogh’s 19th-century paintings, the dinner table is a timeless source of inspiration. With that in mind, ShirtbyHand looks forward to another wonderful holiday season ¬– a time of beautifully set festivities that bring together friends, colleagues and families.

Dinner wear

As you know, every evening affair comes with its own written and – never forget – unwritten rules. The annual ceremonial gala with business relations, the intimate Christmas dinner with relatives, or your yearly New Year’s Eve bash with friends (which always gets slightly out of hand) – for each festive and formal event, ShirtbyHand offers the right attire. Not only does a picturesque table form a timeless source of inspiration; what you wear to the table is just as important.

Gift giving
Holiday nights go hand in hand with another enduring tradition: giving. A wonderful thing, but let’s be honest... Finding the right presents for the right person can often be more than a little frustrating. Don’t worry; we’re making this all a little easier for you! With the ShirtbyHand gift certificate, which can be exchanged for one of our custom-made shirts, you can make any man or woman happy. 

Golden look

Receiving an invite with a strict dress code can be intimidating. But keep in mind that eveningwear is not as difficult or even formal as it sounds, and always guarantees a strong look. To create the right match with your tuxedo, ShirtbyHand offers a variety of eight evening shirts, all according to etiquette. Whether you’re looking for a wing- or a turndown collar, visible or hidden buttons, our smoking shirts are carefully woven from the elegant P1 fabric. And just in case you want to complete that already golden look, ShirtbyHand cufflinks will gladly be the cherry on top. Bon appétit!

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